Dr. Monali Tamhankar

Dr Monali Tamhankar a Super Woman by definition, successfully does the fine balancing act of being a devoted mom to her kids and a leading specialists in her field of dentistry. She is one of the top Endodontists of Mumbai who has also specialized in Cosmetic dentistry and Mini Implants from the university of Leeds, UK.

Dr. Monali with her enigmatic and energetic personality is a constant driving force for all the Staff and Dentists whom she shelters under her wings, constantly being a guiding light for them. Which is why Ceramco Dental Clinic is at the pinnacle of success.

If it were not for her children whom she deeply adores, Dr. Monali would have spent her every waking moment at Ceramco Dental Clinic with her patients, out of pure love for her profession. She pours her heart out in her work and devotes all her time and energy making sure each and every patient is cared for and receives only the best dental treatment available for them.

A wanderlust traveler by heart, a fitness guru for a program initiated by her called MOM to WOW for new moms and moms to be, the winner of the MWI International beauty pageant for married professionals, the Saffron India beauty pageant Queen and the 2018 mascot and winner at Pinkathon for the 3km run in Mumbai.

You could say that Dr. Monali truly values and loves her life with a certain kind of passion so much so that she is instrumental as a role model for many individuals.