Sometimes, it is what you don’t know that can hurt you. Although cavities and dental fillings are common, many people do not know much about them. For example, did you know you could have cavities right now and not know it?

How do you get Cavities?

Many people think sugar causes cavities, but that is not quite true.

Your mouth is home to harmful bacteria. (Don’t worry, everyone has these in their mouth.) They survive on food particles that get trapped on your teeth and gums after you eat and drink. They can eat almost anything, but sugar and carbohydrates are full of energy and help them thrive.

As they grow, these bacteria secrete an acid, which starts to erode holes in your enamel. Dentists call these holes “cavities.”

The problem is that enamel cannot regrow itself. It’s not like a cut that your skin heals. That’s why you need a dental filling. This dental restoration removes the bacteria eroding the enamel and fills in the hole so it doesn’t continue to grow worse.

Which are the different types of fillings?

 There can be temporary fillings like cement or there can be permanent filling like

  1. Black colored (metal/silver)
  2. White colored :Light Cure composite resin filling/Light Cure Glass Ionomer filling

Why People prefer  White Fillings     — Gone are the days when the only way you can repair a cavity is with a metal filling. Those work, mind you. It’s just that they don’t exactly look nice in your smile. -One of the leading advantages of composites is that, with a good color match, it’s almost impossible to see that the tooth had to be restored, because these fillings bond directly to the enamel, they’re strong and resist wear, usually lasting more than five years. With current advances in composite materials, many are holding up even longer.

Keeping Your White Fillings Healthy

To keep your composite fillings looking their best, and to prevent the need for any more repairs, you’ll want to stay on top of even the most basic oral hygiene.

Composites need to be equally protected from changes in color, so make a point to avoid smoking, coffee, teas and other foods that can stain – such as red wine. However they can be easily polished, we at Ceramco Dental Clinic do this at no extra cost for a lifetime.

We at Ceramco Dental clinic offer our patients only the best in dental  fillings, as such we use Light Cure Composite Resin filling material which is imported and of superior quality.