Dentures or partials can replace one or All of the teeth ?

Full denture replace all missing teeth 

Partial denture replace one or more teeth for upper or lower arch.

You can eat normally with denture ?

Almost all food can be enjoyed with properly fited denture.

adhesives give denture-wearers extra confidence.

Most people choose immediate replacement ?

Immediate dentures are used to treat teeth that need to be removed. These appliances stand in while your jaw heals following tooth removal

It is no longer advisable to remove dentures at night ?

100% of germs are killed with a 5-minute soaking with inexpensive water and bleach.

Today's denture are more realistic than ever ?

Dentist can now customize your fit better now than in the past. Speak,eat,and laugh with confidence that your dentures won’t slip.

Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary ?

Tooth extraction can help dentures look more attractive. severely decayed teeth will be removed and replace immediately. 

Denture wearer still should have dental checkups ?

Dentist examine the gum and soft tissue for sign of disease. Your denture can be adjusted as needed.

Denture are long-lasting ?

Denture can last 5 to 10 years and sometimes much longer depending on home care. Periodic reline improve the fit and appreance of dentures.

Denture gives you more youthfull look ?

Tooth loss make you look older and can cause your face to skin in.

Adjusting denture is easier than most people think it would be ?

Most people quickly become accustomed to their denture within 1-2 months. Your dental team will help to make the transition as easy as possible.